Towing Tanks


International Towing Tank Conference

Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)

Maritime Industry Information Infrastructure (MARINFO)

The Delft University of Technology Tow Tank

Delft Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory

Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA)

El Pardo Model Basin - Spain

The Davidson Laboratory Towing Tank

SSPA Sweden

National Maritime Research Institute - Japan

Division Hydrodynamique Navale - NANTES

Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science & Technology - UK

    (Lamont, DERA, Southampton)

Centre for Marine Vessel Development & Research - TUNS, Canada

University of Michigan Marine Hydrodynamics Lab (MHL)

University of New Orleans Tow Tank

US Naval Academy Hydrodynamics Lab

Oceanic Corp. - St. John's, NF Canada

The IMD Towing Tank

The Istanbul Technical University Tow Tank

Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute

AMC Search, Ltd. Tow Tank - Australia

The MIT Tow Tank Homepage

The NAOE Tow Tank at Hiroshima University

The Ocean Engineering Research Centre Tow Tank

The Texas Tech Tow Tank

The University of Iowa Tow Tank

The University of Newcastle Tow Tank

Curtin Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST)

Curtin University of Technology - Perth, Australia

Osaka University Dept. of NA & OE

National Cheng Kung University Dept. of NA & ME

National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering

French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (ifremer)

Australian Maritime College Ship Hydrodynamics Centre

Vienna Model Basin