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Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

(Marine Technology, Journal of Ship Research, Journal of Ship Production,  Technical Committees,  Technical Papers & Symposia, books, publications)

Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA)

(The Naval Architect, Boat and Ship, Technical Papers & Symposia)

British Institute of Marine Engineers (IMarE)

International Shipbuilding Progress (ISP)

Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS)

Professional Boatbuilder (See PBB Index and Back Issues to order)


Technical Links and Papers 


Marintek - Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute

Marinfo Technical Papers

Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology & Industrial Aerodynamics

Ship Stability Research Centre (SSRC)

British Marine Technology (BMT)

United Ship Design & Development Center - Taiwan

Humberto Martinez Yacht Design Links

Virtual Marine Arsenal

On Line Publications at AME 98 - Australian Maritime Engineering

Naval Hydrodynamics Symposia - Papers Online

***Modern Computational Methods for Ships in a Seaway (SNAME Annual Meeting 2001 Preprint) - Robert Beck and Arthur Reed, 48 page overview of the current state of the art for potential flow and RANS codes

CFD Codes List

CFD Online

U of Michigan NAME Dept - Numerical Hydrodynamics

Chalmers Dept. of NAOE - Hydromechanics

Friendship Systems

Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory at MIT

Analytical Methods, Inc.

SAIC - Ship Technology Division

Boston Marine Computing, Inc. - Swan 2000 CFD Code

Flowtech International AB - ShipFlow CFD Code

Advanced Computational Technology - Japan

UIUC Airfoil Database and Airfoil Links

International Hydrofoil Society

Yacht Research Homepage

Marine Composites, by Eric Greene

Technical Articles - Sponberg Yacht Design

Forensic Engineering for Boats - Sponberg Yacht Design

Leo Lazauskas Hydrodynamics Research

MIT Dept. of Ocean Engr. - Design Lab - CAD/CAM/CAE Group

Ship Structure Committee

Cruise & Ship Technology

Naval Technology

Offshore Technology



Donald L. Blount & Associates (see Publications)

HydroComp, Inc. (Speed and Powering - see Technical Reports)

Surface-Piercing Propellers - Paul Kamen, NA

Power Catamarans and the LCG



Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposia

High Performance Yacht Design Conference - 4th-6th, Dec. 2002, NZ

Engineering Aspects of Sailing Yacht Design - U. of Michigan Course

PCSAIL - A Velocity Prediction Program for the Home Computer - Freeware

US Sailing (Americap II, IMS, PHRF, Portsmouth, MORC rating rules)

Americap II and Other Handicap Information

Yacht Racing Handicap Systems - An Overview by Jim Teeters (PDF)

International Sailing Foundation (ISAF) ( International Rule, One Design Class Rules)

Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) (IRM, IRC)

RORC Rating Rules (IRM, IRC)

Offshore Racing Council (ORC)  (IMS Rule 2001, ORC Club Rule, ILC) Download PDF copy of the IMS rule.

Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme

Rating Rules Shaped Our Boats - Ted Brewer

Sailboat Racing Corrected Time Formulas (TOT or TOD)

Van Gorkom Yacht Design Articles (see article on IRM rule)

Mills Design Sailboat Articles & Links

Mustafa Insel, Assoc. Prof. Instanbul Tech. Univ. (catamarans, hydrodynamics, etc.)

CFD Design Studies for America's Cup 2000, by Rosen, Laiosa, and Davis (PDF)

The Speed Sailing Resource

The Speed Sailing Pages

Free Standing Rigs - Sponberg Yacht Design

Sailboat Stability Discussion - Graham Radford Yacht Design

Super Slender Racing Yachts - Model Yachts

Computational Methods for Investigating Sail Forces - Patrick Couser

Multihull Design Considerations for Seaworthiness



Guillemot Kayaks - Kayak Design Information and Forum

John Winters Canoe Articles, Including KAPER

More John Winters Articles

Canoe and Boatbuilding for Amateurs, by W.P. Stephens

Leo Lazauskas' Michlet CFD Code

American Dragon Boat Association


Human Powered Vehicles

Human Powered Boats

Human Powered Vehicle Association (HPVA)

The Ocean Rowing Society

World Rowing

US Rowing Association


Boatbuilder's Resources

Amateur Boatbuilder's Page


College Competitions

Solar Splash

Concrete Canoe Races

International Submarine Races


CAD/CAM/CAE Articles and Programs

New Wave Systems, Inc Technical Articles on CAD/CAM

New Wave Systems, Inc. Articles on Reverse Engineering, Plate Development and Expansion, and 5-Axis CNC Machining

University of Michigan Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Conceptual Ship Design Software Environment - Download Software - Power Prediction - Propeller Optimization - Maneuvering Prediction - Seakeeping Prediction - Gear Sizing

Planing Hull Resistance & Propulsion With Surface Propellers - Program by Paul Kamen

Hull Resistance Calculator for Multihulls

HullDrag/32 Free Sailboat Hull Resistance Calculation Program


Online Calculators

Boat Performance Analyzer

Horsepower Correction Calculator

Marine Calculators - F. Myers

RBBI Prop Calculator

Boat Formula Calculators

IM-S-Timator - Approximates IMS General Purpose Rating

PHRF Calculator