Lines Drawings

As with the hydrostatic results, you can display either of two different formats for the complete lines drawing: "Overlay" and "Separate". Overlay displays the body plan on top of the profile view of the boat, with the centerline of the body plan located at amidships in the profile view. Separate displays the body plan to the right of the profile view. The Overlay format maximizes the size of the profile and plan views of the boat and the Separate format allows you to see a clean view of the sections.

To obtain a display of the power23 vessel, follow these commnads:

o Select the View-Lines View: command to see a "Overlay" display the lines. An Overlay lines drawing of the power23 vessel is shown below:


This view can also be displayed in its own window, if desired.

To display the Separate format of the lines drawing view, use the following steps:

o Select the "HullCuts-Cut Options" command to display a dialog box. Select the Separate option for the Lines Display Format menu.

o Select the OK input button. The program will erase the Overlay lines view and display the Separate lines drawing.