Basic Views

When you open a new boat file (as you have done in this tutorial), the first or default boat view that is displayed is the profile view of the boat. The principal views of that can be displayed are "View-Profile Right", "View-Plan Right", "View-Section Right", and "View-3D View". Each of these views have shortcut icons on the toolbar. The profile view is the icon with the letters "PR", the plan view is the icon with the letters "PL", the section view is the icon with the letters "BP" (body plan), and the 3D view is the icon with the letters "3D". Try each of these views to see what you get.

o Pick the PR, profile icon.

o Pick the PL, plan icon.

o Pick the BL body plan icon.

o Pick the 3D, 3D view icon. Note that the boat is displayed in profile view and drawn smaller than in the official profile view. Now pick the icons to the right of the 3D icon to see what happens to the view of the boat. The clockwise 'Z' icon rotates the boat clockwise about the 'Z' axis (by 15 degrees), the counter-clockwise 'Z' rotates the boat in the opposite direction. The "UP" icon moves the bow up and the DN (down) icon moves the bow down. For complete control over 3D animation, display, and rotation, see the "View-View 3D" commands and the full help manual.

If you wish, you may open many view windows of the same boat at one time. This is done with the "Window-New Window" command. You can "tile", "cascade", or arrange the multiple windows any way you see fit. As mentioned before, this tutorial will stick with the display of only one boat-view at a time.

These are not the only views that can be put into their own windows. For example, you can display the "Lines View" in a separate window. You can also display the hydrostatic calculations in their own window so that you can see how every change in hull shape affects the displacement of the boat. You can even put a plate development in its own view window.