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Boat Design Net for Builders and Designers

John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page

The Boatbuilding Community - Boatbuilding, Design, and Repair Resource for Amateurs and Professionals

By The Sea - On-Line Journal for Boats and Boating - Very good site!

BoatingOrg - Many links for all types of boats

AboarD, Boats and Yachts Market

The Yacht Designer's Website

WWW Virtual Library NAOE Gateways

Boatlinks - Marine Online Community

Semaphore World Sailing

Mad For Sailing

Jonathan Ho's Sailboat Racing Page

Sailing Anarchy

Semaphore Links for Yacht Designers

The Sailing Source

Schooner Man - Schooner and Tall Sailing Ships

Maritime OnLine

Williams Measurement - Laser Hull Measurement

Small Ships Resource

Interesting Stuff About Small Boats by Myrmade

Superyacht Society

The Houseboat Pages