Kayak and Baidarka hulls that are included with ProSurf and ProBasic

Polar - northern Greenland boat 


Courtesy of John Winters, Red Wing Canoes, Burk's Falls, Ontario

The files are a selection of the various traditional kayaks that
I have digitized.

The 17cent is a lovely central West Greenland boat from the Skokloster Palace in Sweden.
BKR-10 is a Labrador boat circa 1851 from the National Museum in Copenhagne.
Bkr-12 is an E. Greenlnad boat built for Quinton Riley in 1920's
Bkr-18 is Gino Watkins' famous kayak built around 1930 or 31
Bkr-20 is possibly an Angmagssalik kayak possibly late 19th century
Bkr-21 is an E. Greenland boat from 1930
Bkr-4 is a Baffin Island boat circa 1934
Bkr-6 is W.Greenland boat no date but I believe 20th century
Bkr-8 is Alaskan possibly from 1830
Ngrn199 is a northern Greenland boat from Adney Chappelle
Nuk is the boat built for the Montreal Expo in 1967
Polar is a northern Greenland boat Not sure of date
Unalaska is a Aleut boat dating from late 19th centiry I think. 
Chatram is a Caribou kayak. 18th century I believe

I have some more Aleut boats in process and can provide more background
on each one if that was desired. The upswept or decorational ends have been
left off since they weren't needed for the study I was doing. 

John Winters