This concludes a fairly brief discussion of the entities used in ProBasic and ProSurf. You are now prepared to tackle many boat/ship design tasks using the program. Although it did not go into the process of creating typical boat shapes using NURB surfaces, the background information presented in this tutorial will be very important to your design tasks. Please refer to some of the other tutorials for details on applying these techniques to creating boat shapes.

See also the tutorial on detailed shaping and fairing of NURB curves and surfaces. The use of the "K"-curves and Gaussian curvature display was not covered here, but their understanding is critical in being able to fair a hull to within construction tolerances. Since a computer screen is small compared to the size of the traditional lines drawing, it is impossible to fair a curve or surface by eye. Due to the small screen sizes and the "jagged" resolutions, you need to have some way to magnify the bumps and wiggles of curves and surfaces. This is done in ProBasic and ProSurf using the "K"-curves and the Gaussian curvature color mapping. You can then use the Ooch Point an the Move% commands to perform the detailed fairing of the hull.